02 April 2020

BVCA appoints Neil MacDougall as new Chair

We are delighted to announce that Silverfleet’s Neil MacDougall has been appointed as Chair of the BVCA, the trade body for the UK private equity and venture capital sector, for the next financial year.

Neil takes on his role at a moment of unprecedented challenge for the country, where the top priority is public health and the safety of everyone across the UK. He is determined to ensure private equity and venture capital do their bit to address the pressing issues in the crisis. In particular he believes the sector can support the government as it addresses the concerns of individuals and businesses about their economic security and help to steer a course back to a thriving economy.

Neil said:

“Our members, and the businesses they invest in, are following all the government’s advice to protect individuals and support the NHS by following all their recommendations. We are also offering assistance to the government on the practical steps needed to preserve individuals’ livelihoods and keep the economy going.

“Our members employ nearly 850,000 people in over 2,500 businesses across the UK, so they understand the concerns of people in all parts of the country and can offer insights to government about the solutions which will address the most pressing problems in the COVID-19 crisis.

“We welcome the substantial initiatives taken by the government so far. We are determined to be good corporate citizens as we seek to preserve jobs and businesses and to work with government on this and their broader agenda.”

Aside from his personal experience of the sector, Neil has been part of the BVCA’s leadership team for many years, chairing the UK and Europe mid-market committee and serving on the board as Vice-Chair for the past year.

In his new position, he will be supported by the BVCA’s senior executives, led by the Director General, former cabinet minister Michael Moore, and a board with decades of accumulated experience in the sector.

His predecessor Cheryl Potter, until recently a senior partner at Permira, remains on the BVCA’s Council, along with Calum Paterson, another former Chair, who runs growth equity firm Scottish Equity Partners.

They and the other members of Council are joined by new Vice-Chair Kerry Baldwin, Managing Partner of leading venture firm IQ Capital, and Philip Newborough, Co-CEO of Bridges Fund Management.

Neil added:

“Aside from the honour of taking on this leadership role in a sector to which I have devoted most of my professional life, I am extremely grateful to my senior colleagues for the support they are giving me.

“Cheryl Potter has successfully led the BVCA in a crucial year of transition, overseeing changes in the senior management team and a fast-changing political environment where Brexit, a general election and now COVID-19 have required strong leadership. Her continued engagement, alongside that of other experienced individuals from all parts of venture capital and private equity, is very welcome indeed.

“I believe that, with appropriate support from government, we can marshal our collective resources and expertise for the greater good of our country at this crucial time.”

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