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04 November 2019

Masai Copenhagen is the First Danish Fashion Brand to Gain FSC® Certification

COPENHAGEN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For some time now, Masai Copenhagen has been working closely with its suppliers on an ambitious project to gain FSC certification for its entire supply chain with a view to achieving more sustainable viscose.

This September, the design brand Masai Copenhagen became the first Danish fashion brand ever to gain FSC certification. In Denmark, FSC certification is best known in the paper, furniture and wood products industries, but Masai is the first Danish company in the fashion industry to gain certification.

It is one thing for Masai’s paper goods to be FSC certified, but the fact that the brand’s wood-based textiles are now also certified is such a significant achievement in the brand’s overall sustainability and CSR strategy because large parts of Masai’s collections are made from wood-based viscose fibres.

About FSC

FSC certification is an international non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper. The number of trees felled in an FSC forest is not more than the forest is able to replenish. At the same time, FSC ensures protection for flora and fauna, as well as training, safety gear and decent wages for the people working in forestry.

It takes the will of the entire supply chain

“It has been and is a pleasure to work with Masai Copenhagen through certification and as they begin to implement the CSR strategy. Right from the start, they’ve been keen to do something big that would make a positive impact on large elements of production, and that desire has now been fulfilled. Of course, it didn’t just mean Masai making changes; their suppliers had to start sourcing in a different, sustainable way, while also ensuring traceability through certification. Fulfilling this objective demands dedication from both Masai and their suppliers. Masai is the first Danish textile industry player to take this step and also to have its suppliers onboard, and praise is richly deserved here,” explains Loa Dalgaard Worm, Strategic Director, FSC Denmark.

Masai CSR & Sustainability Manager Sidse Jensen comments on the special determination behind this: “It matters to us at Masai that our CSR measures are a natural extension of our business, so we take action where it will really make a difference. Up to 60% of our collections are created using wood-based fibres, such as viscose, so this is a very natural focus area for us. Lots of people are involved in processes like this, and it takes passion and pride to tackle a task of this magnitude. Some of our suppliers have been with us since the early years of Masai, and it’s definitely worth emphasising their part in bringing this about.”

Long-range choices

The certification process has been under way at Masai for almost a year. This is just one element of Masai’s CSR initiatives that will be rolled out on an ongoing basis; all are based on the business values at the heart of what the Masai brand stands for in relation to its customers, suppliers and employees.

Loa Dalgaard Worm also highlights the long-range thinking behind Masai’s certification by emphasising: “It’s a pity there aren’t more players in the fashion industry thinking about the long term in the way Masai does. Many don’t give enough thought to long-range, sustainable choices. If the fashion industry is serious about stopping climate change and using the planet’s resources more responsibly, now is the time to think outside the box about long-range choices. This includes considering the textiles we use to make our clothing, and whether they are sustainably sourced. That’s precisely why FSC Denmark hopes Masai can serve as an inspiration to the rest of the fashion industry.”

The first FSC-certified Masai styles should be in the shops as part of the 2020 autumn collection. This collection is still being developed, so Masai is of course happy to be contacted for further information about the process and the collection.