20 January 2020

Silverfleet Tech Day 2020

We were excited to host our Tech Panel as well as other experts in our technology network for our “Tech Day 2020”. Technology is in every deal that we do and most prominently in the strategy of the businesses that we back and in their plans to optimize operationally. Our annual Tech Day is a chance for us to share and discuss ideas with the experts in our technology network, as well as to learn about some of the newest technologies and the impact they will have on our sectors and portfolio companies.

This year, the theme was “Software and AI”, and we covered some of the following topics:

  • Technology in our portfolio (Microgen and CARE Fertility);
  • Software trends and how that impacts our sectors with Jonathan Shulman of McKinsey;
  • Using AI in businesses and our portfolio with Rakesh Sharma;
  • A live demo of an AI platform and how it is used by FTSE100 companies;
  • The future of AI in healthcare and insurance with Dr Nush Patchava.
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