09 January 2020

STAXS® completes the sale of its cleanroom laundry division to CWS

Silverfleet portfolio company STAXS® has completed the sale of its cleanroom laundry division to CWS. CWS is a brand of the CWS-boco International GmbH group, which currently employs around 10,600 people in 16 countries. In 2018, the group generated a turnover in excess of €1.1 bn.

STAXS®, the Benelux leader in cleanroom consumables distribution, is now strategically focussed entirely on the cleanroom consumable market.

The transaction will incorporate all existing contracts with customers and suppliers. Services will remain unchanged and will be provided from the same premises as they were when part of STAXS®.

Johan-Detlef Dubbelboer, CEO of STAXS®, commented: “Combining the strength of our cleanroom laundry with the platform of cleanroom laundries of CWS does give opportunities for both our companies as well as for customers. STAXS® focusses fully on the consumable part of the business and its expansion throughout Europe”.

Markus Schad, Business Unit Director CWS Cleanrooms, commented: “Benelux is a significant growth market for us. Both CWS and STAXS® aim for the highest standards in the market and are fully focussed to deliver solutions to customers, therefore this acquisition is a perfect fit for CWS. We are looking forward to broaden our cleanroom service network and offer our customers the best possible services from both companies”.

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