John Hawkins

John is a well-respected and successful serial Chairman of both Private Equity backed and Public companies, with a strong track record in creating value & achieving excellent returns for Investors.

John has extensive experience of strategic growth and implementation, particularly expansion of global markets, drawing on his experience as a CEO where he lived and worked in the US, Far East & North America.

He has a very broad range of expertise having Chaired technology businesses in software (both Enterprise and SaaS), hardware technologies, IOT (Internet of things), in addition to technology enabled businesses in retail, genetics and B2B areas.

He has successfully built and sold businesses for both Private Equity partners and public companies.

In public markets, as Chairman of Genus PLC, John took the market capitalisation from £40m to £600m in 3 years, to become a FTSE250 company and retired having been on the Board for a total of 9 Years.

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