What we do

Building value

We’re passionate about helping local market leaders reach their full potential.

We love mid-market companies, having specialised in businesses with an enterprise value of €25m to €300m for over 30 years. Where appropriate, we turn domestic champions into international competitors.

Every business is different, so we build value in four distinct ways:

Accelerating organic growth

We pursue organic growth in each investment but for some businesses, it is appropriate to make it the primary focus. We achieve organic growth by investing in resources, rolling out operations, expanding internationally or through add-on acquisitions of complementary companies.


We review international growth opportunities for all of our investments and pursue overseas expansion if appropriate.

We work as one agile team across three European locations to maximise the value of our local market knowledge and cross-border expertise, and identify new customers and add-on deal opportunities.

Our sophisticated network of more than 780 entrepreneurs and industry experts across Europe, the US and Asia further enhances our unique approach to international investment.

Changing business models

Our team has a strong track record of honing business models to help companies reach their true potential. For some, this means improving or expanding distribution channels, enhancing revenue models or evaluating production.

For others, we can unlock substantial value by re-focussing the entire basis of the business model to adapt to trends such as changing customer demand or technology development.

Improving operational performance

Strengthening a company’s foundations is always one of our first objectives when we collaborate with a new management team. Innovation and technology are threads that run through all our investments – and increasingly form the basis of operational improvement. They help us optimise data, costs and cash flow, customer focus, new product development and research and development.

Our people are specialists in our three target sectors – healthcare, manufacturing and services – underpinned by extensive experience in technology-led transformation.

Business services

The business services sector encompasses a wide range of investment opportunities, from mature companies to high-growth businesses in niche markets.

Our services deals have included Germany-based call centre operator CCC, UK fund administration provider Ipes, and Danish debt collection and debt purchase company Collectia.

Macro trends drive all our deals in this broad sector, such as regulatory change, the growth in cities and the increasing need for services for the ageing population.

We like forward-looking management teams; differentiated businesses in large markets; strong organic growth; companies with close and long-standing relationships with their customers, and fragmented markets where we can seek out consolidation opportunities.

Financial services

Within financial services, we look for regulated and non-regulated businesses. In particular, we have a strong track record of investing in the consumer and speciality finance market and support services.

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This sector remains one of the world’s largest, despite its dramatic evolution in recent years. There is no shortage of opportunities for the best manufacturing businesses to grow rapidly.

Macro themes driving growth include changes such as the declining cost of robots, which will unleash the next round of manufacturing automation, and increased regulation surrounding the environmental impact of manufacturing. The latter has already led to much greater demand for specialist products that can limit pollution.

Our team is one of the most experienced in manufacturing in the markets we operate in, having invested heavily in such companies since the 1980s.

Our deals have included world-leading high-end camera maker and software provider Phase One, German screw pumps maker Pumpenfabrik Wangen, and Benelux-based ultra-high purified metallic hoses manufacturer, CoreDux.

Companies must continually innovate to thrive in manufacturing so we look for strong, differentiated products, a focus on product development, and exposure to dynamic markets that can support organic growth and potentially sector consolidation.

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The macro drivers behind the growth in the healthcare sector are well documented – for instance, the needs of the ageing population, increased healthcare spending, and the growing take-up of medical technology.

We seek to help grow businesses that will serve the elderly population and provide ever-advance patient care in a market where existing service providers are struggling to meet rising consumer expectations and costs.

To date, we have invested in companies such as Swedish diagnostics company Phadia, Benelux-based medical hygiene products supplier STAXS, and UK fertility care provider CARE Fertility.

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How we do it

People matter

Good management and strong relationships are vital to success, so we put people first.

We’re proud of our open, direct and straightforward style, which has made us the private equity partner of choice for more than 100 companies since our inception.

We elevate businesses by supporting management teams in ambitious growth plans. We couldn’t do this without our varied team, based in three locations across Europe.

Each member of Silverfleet and our advisory board brings a unique blend of experience, skills and imagination - creating a diverse firm for businesses and our investors.

People matter

Deal origination

Our central origination team, led by partner Ian Oxley, enhances each one of our investments.

The dedicated origination function works with our people across Europe to ensure every investment decision is based on a combination of expert macro-economic research, sector-specific trends, detailed due diligence and the advice of our unique global network.

Our sophisticated retained network of entrepreneurs and industry experts spans Europe, the US and Asia. It is the result of 35 years of relationship building and includes our industrial advisory board and technology panel. In total, it comprises over 780 professionals in more than 50 subsectors we focus on.

This unrivalled access to deep market knowledge gives us granular insights into each of our target companies and analysis on virtually every possible angle and eventuality.

Deal origination

International expertise

We’re a natural fit for management teams seeking to launch in new markets, having completed platform and add-on deals in over 50 countries.

We bring unrivalled experience to every investment through our on-the-ground presence in three European locations, including our London office where we started in 1985.

Our agile approach gives management teams access to deep market knowledge across UK & Ireland; the DACH region; Benelux and the Scandinavian region - and growth opportunities worldwide.

Our team use local insights and international knowledge to help businesses respond to macro market drivers, adapt to regulatory change and harness technology.

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