Who we are

We have over 30 years of unique experience working with ambitious teams to turn big ideas into international businesses.

Building valuable businesses is more than expansion – it’s ensuring they follow ethical and sustainable practices in everything they do. We work hard to inspire a positive culture across our partner companies – one that leads to better outcomes for employees, customers and their communities, and complies with regulations in each jurisdiction we operate in.

Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to achieving the highest standards across our portfolio. This goes beyond regulation, to integrity, professionalism, and the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Regulatory requirements vary by country but ensuring the long-term viability of our investments and our belief in treating people and partner companies with respect remain constant.

Diversity & Inclusion

People will always be at the heart of what we do, and we know breadth of experience, skills and ideas are invaluable.

Team diversity leads to diversity of thinking, debate and innovation - resulting in in some of our greatest successes and creating more value for all our portfolio partners and investors.

Supporting Level 20, the gender equality non-profit organisation, is one of the ways we’re working to create more diversity in private equity. It hopes women will account for 20% of senior private equity professionals; in 2015 they accounted for just 5%.

Level 20 has signed up more than 3,500 individual members and secured multi-year funding from more than 90 private equity firms, including Silverfleet.

We’re proud to support its focus on five key initiatives: Mentoring & Development, Outreach, Research, Networking & Events, Advocacy.

To learn more about Level 20 visit https://www.level20.org/.

Responsible Investment

Silverfleet is a private equity firm, and in this capacity recognises the impact private equity investments may have on the environment and society.

We’re committed to responsible investment and have established guidelines on management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We appreciate responsible investment should look to deliver sustainable growth as well as financial value.

We strive for superior investment returns by growing high-quality, socially responsible businesses; and use an active ownership model to manage ESG opportunities and risks. This encourages and supports companies to adhere to best practice standards for responsible business.

In February 2011, we proudly became one of the first private equity firms to sign up to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI). This formalised our commitment to achieving high standards of corporate governance, business integrity and professionalism in all our activities.

This commitment extends beyond our partner companies and embraces the ESG impact of our own operations. We do this by:

  • upholding the highest standards of business conduct and through acting as a responsible employer
  • creating an equal opportunities culture
  • developing each member of our team, giving them the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability.

In 2018, we established our ESG steering committee, comprising senior representatives of each of our offices and service lines.

As a further step in strengthening ESG initiatives across our own operations, Silverfleet became carbon neutral across all offices in October 2020. Commencing with our 2019 carbon footprint, and working with Carbon Footprint – founding members of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for carbon offsetting – this certification forms part of Silverfleet’s long-term commitment to sustainable investing and reducing the impact of our own business operations on the planet.


We actively encourage all of our employees to help the wider community, and give time and money to charitable causes. While our team members take a strong personal interest in a broad range of charities, in 2020 Silverfleet launched its first ‘Charity of the Year’ partnership across our London and Munich offices.

Silverfleet are delighted to have chosen Resurgo, as this year's charity partner for our London office. Through fundraising and volunteering, our London team will be supporting Resurgo’s fantastic work in helping to provide employment support for young people facing barriers to employment through the award-winning Spear Programme.

Resurgo’s flagship initiative, the Spear Programme, is a coaching programme that helps young people facing disadvantage into work or education. Resurgo equips them with confidence, motivation and the vital skills they need to succeed in long-term employment. The charity also runs Re-Work, supporting adults of all ages who’ve lost their job during the Covid-19 pandemic to re-enter the workplace.


Helping almost 2,000 young people each year, in over 30 locations across Germany, JOBLINGE aims to provide disadvantaged, unemployed young people with job opportunities.

As part of the partnership, Silverfleet will be sponsoring several of the charity’s “Poetry-Slam-Workshops” which prepare its participants to present their own texts to a public audience. The programme encourages participants to develop their imagination, self-confidence, and public speaking skills.

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